There is no doubt that gambling in any form provides the same results, you either win or lose. A slot machine from an online site gives players the same chance as a cabinet slot would that is found inside of any land-based casino. Is there a difference? Is one platform better than the other? Here we discuss these questions and more.

The World of Casino

The casino as a place of fun and entertainment has changed and adapted over the many decades. It has a place in history, it has become a thing of iconic status, it has been the basis of movies and everything in between. Gambling is by and large a pastime that is not dying off no matter how long the taboo sticks to it.

When the change from land-based to online began back in 1996, no-one would have projected just how big the leap would have become. It has evolved into something beyond its original form, business has become industry and bad imagery has become sponsorship.

The online service of gambling has indeed improved many qualities, and this is largely due to the available technology. It’s the digital age that has helped deplete high streets of businesses, so will the same happen with the traditional form of casinos? In South Africa alone, the smallest market in the world, only changed its gambling laws in 2011 and still only has an option of 20+ online sites, so is there hesitancy with online services that will still keep the traditional forms alive?

Right here, players can pick the country’s top 10 sites, there they can experience what any other casino on the street can offer, but which is better?

Gambling Online

Gambling online allows people to access the site’s services and features no matter where they are. You can access a casino from any device and within the top casinos, you are able to obtain hundreds of different games within the one platform. The gaming numbers are vastly superior to that of a traditional casino, where there is indeed more diversity and opportunity.

When it comes to payouts, the largest game to play is the progressive jackpot, though smaller than the world records that have been reached in Vegas, multi-millions are still available to scoop.

There are two main formats of gaming, players can take on card and table games in their virtual format and play what are essentially games built like slot machines, or they can play live tables. Live table gaming is hosted by a live dealer, these are streamed games which are 100% real and can be enjoyed one on one or with other players, just like a real casino.

One option where the online casino beats the traditional casino is the market for online sports betting. This extends the dominancy of the online format and gives players more possibilities to win.

Traditional Gambling

When it comes to the more traditional forms of gambling, the dynamics are vastly different. The casino is now exclusive, where online it is very much isolated. The casino in this open sense is about something more than just playing. Where online gives you total convenience, the traditional casino goer doesn’t see this trait as something of importance and what is the goal is the absorption of the atmosphere that comes with playing inside the establishment. The game numbers are far fewer, yet you still have your blackjack tables, roulette games and slots, just as the online service provider.

The exclusivity may be a factor, with online casinos hundreds of thousands of players could all be playing the same game at once across many countries, the odds of winning are, therefore, greater. With traditional casinos, the winner is in-house, the odds lower and it can be seen as a greater benefit psychologically.

The battle between the two options certainly comes down to elements of lifestyle, time, understanding of the games and perhaps because of the gulf in the provision, is there actually a battle for favour going on? Why not take the best of both worlds whilst they still co-exist.